13 Seer Systems

What is a Seer? – Explanation of 13 seer systems.

Seer is the rating of a cooling or heating device; it stands for seasonal energy efficiency rating. The higher the seer is, the better your heater or cooler is going to perform and the more efficient it is going to be. Even tough higher seer devices can be more pricey, they will save you money with the efficiency that their performance. As of recently, the 13 seer systems were the most efficient coolers and heaters on the market. Years ago, 8 and 10 seer systems were standard. This means that most homes built over 10 years ago most likely have an older system installed. Take a look at this chart below to see the efficiency levels of each seer:

What is a seer? 13 seer system

Why by 13 seer systems? – Savings.

As of 01/01/15 the EPA is implementing new efficiency regulations. 13 seer systems will now become a thing of the past! The current 13 seer systems is being replaced with the new 14 seer system along with refrigerant changes. Some 13 seer systems will still be available until depletion of stock. This means that you can pick one up for a fraction of the price that they used to cost. By doing so, you can save yourself a lot of money! If you have any questions regarding the recent regulation changes or to get an estimate, please do not hesitate to call Diamondback Home Services and we would be happy to walk you through the 13 seer systems and what it means for you. Now has never been a better time to buy 13 seer systems.

Why by 13 seer systems? – Life Span.

Because the new regulations of the EPA, new 13 seer systems are going to be cheap and affordable. This means that you can replace your furnace or AC for very cheap. If you were in need of a new system, this is an opportunity that should not be passed up. If one were to buy a new heating system, it would last them 10-20 years, which means you would not have to worry about replacing it for decades to come. Again, if you have any questions, please call us today!

13 Seer Systems

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