Diamondback Home Services in the Gilbert Sun News!

Diamondback Home Services was featured in the August issue of the Gilbert Sun News!

Diamondback Home Services: Keeping clients comfortable since 1999


diamondback-air-gilbertsunAs owner of Diamondback Home Services, a full-service air conditioning and heating company located in Mesa, John Herman knows he and his team are helping their customers stay comfortable—even after hours.

Clients who have issues with their A/C unit after the office has closed are able to speak to a service technician who is concerned about the home’s residents. Those with medical conditions and elderly folks require Diamondback Home Services to fix the unit immediately.

“They are trained to ask, ‘Do you have more than one system in your home?’ or ‘Do your kids have asthma?’” said Herman, who has 40 years’ experience in the HVAC industry.

Diamondback Home Services is not a 24-hour emergency service company, but staff will take care of existing customers after hours who have health or other issues.

Tyler Stettler, operations manager for Diamondback Home Services, said the company focuses on residential and commercial air conditioning and serves customers throughout the Valley.

“Anything related to air conditioning needs we can satisfy and take care of,” Stettler said.

In addition to installing, maintaining and repairing A/C and heating systems, Diamondback Home Services also offers air duct cleaning, whole house air balancing and other related services.

Herman said about 35 percent of his business is from referrals. He chalked it up to Diamondback Home Services’s “personal” service.

“We offer good old-fashioned, family-owned personal service. People are not just a number here, and we handle all of our service calls personally,” Herman said.

However, to avoid service calls, Stettler said homeowners should change the filters regularly. Homeowners with a lot of pets, kids and/or dust should change their filters more frequently.

“I always say that people should keep their filter in for a maximum of one month,” Stettler said.

“Preventative maintenance is always the cheapest route, and changing the filters regularly just helps the unit to breathe. Air flow is everything in our industry.”

Herman also wants people to know that older A/C units with R22 Freon are slated to be phased out by 2018, and as of Jan. 1, 2015, 13 SEER units are no longer being manufactured. The minimum SEER is now 14 with a refrigerant R410A Freon, he said.

“We can still find R22 Freon, but it’s like liquid gold. Now is the time for people to get their systems switched out, because if they do not do it soon, they will be in jeopardy of getting sticker shock when it’s no longer available. We are already seeing a shortage of the equipment,” Herman said.

In addition to stellar customer service, Herman said Diamondback Home Services is involved in the community. “

We help with organizations like Angels on Patrol and Habitat for Humanity, so we do like to pay it forward,” he said.

Diamondback Home Services’s main office is located at 6239 E. Brown Rd., Building 2, Suite 116 in Mesa. For more information, call (602) 920-1600 or visit diamondbackhomeservices.com.

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