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Are HVAC issues in your Ajo, AZ home keeping you uncomfortable? Call our expert technicians at (602) 920-1600 and get immediate attention today! Or click here to save money on your services using our online coupons and specials.

Diamondback Home Services understands that the Ajo, AZ climate is an eclectic collection of extreme heat and cold. To keep your home comfortable all year, we can service your HVAC needs. From the indoor furnace to the outdoor air conditioner assembly, we’ve got you covered. We even incorporate some general plumbing expertise to keep your HVAC system working efficiently, especially if there are condensate leaks. When you choose Diamondback Home Services, you choose the best. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our past customers have to say here!

We also…

  • Have over 30 years of experience in the field.
  • Save you hundreds of dollars by catching small problems before they become large.
  • Provide routine AC maintenance.
  • Are accredited members of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Provide services of rooftop/ attic units.
  • Guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Is Your Home’s Air Conditioner Malfunctioning?

The last thing you need on a hot, summer day is a failed air conditioner. Diamondback Home Services troubleshoots between the indoor and outdoor units to find the issue at hand. Many times, you simply need to replace or rinse the filter. Air moving into the air conditioner must be filtered, trapping fine particles on the filter’s surface. However, a dirty filter actually blocks air, making the system work harder and possibly damaging components.

We inspect all components, including the filter, to determine the best repair plan. Our parts and labor rates are reasonable to get your system back up and running. We pride ourselves on expert HVAC knowledge and expert repair strategies. We will find the root source of the problem and effectively repair it in no time!

Are You Cold Because Your Ajo, AZ Heater Is Malfunctioning?

Ajo nights can be downright cold. During these nights you need a heater that functioning properly and efficiently. Allow our technicians to inspect your furnace before the cooler fall and winter nights descend. We can verify that carbon monoxide levels are normal, along with removing accumulated debris that can ignite along the furnace’s components. A safe heating unit is a well-maintained machine. Our technicians will test the unit to ensure that it is functioning properly and to factory standards. When you choose Diamondback Home Services, you have the peace of mind that comes from expert services.

Do You Want To Purify The Air Entering Your Home?

Your ducts connect between the HVAC system and individual vents in each room. These ducts can accumulate debris along their lengths. Our technicians use high-tech tools to remove all the debris. With clean ducts, your system forces air comfortably through the walls, reducing stress on the motors and blowers. Highly efficient systems last longer and reduce your energy bills. Ask us to clean out your ducts between the extreme cold and hot seasons to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

General Plumbing Services

Aside from your HVAC needs, you can also trust Diamondback Home Services for plumbing services as well. We offer repiping, slab leak repair, and water heater repair services to get your home’s plumbing system back in working condition. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to provide these services for you efficiently and professionally.

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