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Proper and adequate air conditioning in the home is of prime importance. This especially applies to those hot summer days that can push the thermometer over 100 degrees. Proper AC inspection and maintenance are the best solutions when it comes to failure preventions. Diamondback Home Services’s certified technicians will help you discover and rectify system flaws in the Fountain Hills area. Take a look at what your neighbors are saying in our customer reviews.

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What are Common AC Problems?

-Refrigerant leaks.

A common source of poor AC performance. A skilled technician is needed to find the source of the leak, repair, and recharge the system with the proper amount of refrigerant (manufacturer’s specifications).

-Dirty filters and clogged condenser coils.

Clogged filters will hamper the air intake and reduce airflow, diminishing performance as by 50 percent or more. This may cause the fans or compressor to prematurely fail due to work overload. These types of problems are linked to lack of regular maintenance and inspection.


A sheet of ice becomes visible over the front part of the coil. Icing can also freeze the pipes, which can cause little to no air circulation. This requires defrosting and recalibration of the system.

What are Signs That I Need to Replace My AC Unit?

A typical air conditioning unit will age just like any other home appliance, and usually a little faster if the workload and usage is very heavy. Once components start failing, it creates a domino effect that speeds up the failure of other parts. Any bearing noises in the motor or fan shaft are signs that the internal workings are damaged due to age and wear. Any AC unit that has shorted out or caught fire is a perfect candidate for replacement. If the unit is old and fails to cool your home properly, airflow capacity may be underrated, and such a unit should be upgraded. If the condenser or motor has failed, it might be time to replace the system since the repair cost may not justify the unit’s future longevity.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Professional duct cleaning is essential to remove airborne debris and harmful substances inside the walls of a duct pipe. The air that circulates throughout a home can harbor several contaminants. Mold and mildew are very real problems in moist environments, causing bacteria/germ propagation, and leading to asthma attacks and allergies. Ducts can also contain pet dander, hair, mice feces and other harmful organic spores. Trained technicians have special tools to remove and flush all contaminants from your duct systems, improving air quality and flow.

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