How to Clean a Flame Sensor.

 If you have read our article about why a furnace may be blowing cold air, you might recall that a dirty flame sensor is one of the largest causes for this. It is a an extremely quick and cheap fix, in fact, for only $1 you can save yourself a lot of energy, money, and time. So lets get right in!

How to Clean a Flame Sensor – Step 1 >> Locate Sensor.

The first thing that you need to do is locate your flame sensor. This is not a hard task. Let us walk you through it. On your furnace, remove the cover so you can get to your burners and the interior of the furnace. Of course, make sure the furnace is off.

How to Clean a Flame Sensor – Step 2 >> Remove Sensor.

The second step to cleaning your flame sensor is to remove it. When examining your flame sensor you will see a small bolt holding it in place. Carefully remove the bolt and pull the sensor out. Now this part is important: when you remove the flame sensor, make sure you do not touch the sensor, this will ensure that you do not get grease or dirt on the sensor that may shorten its life in the future.

How to Clean a Flame Sensor – Step 3 >> Clean Sensor.

Now that you have the sensor removed, take a newly printed dollar bill or extremely high grit sandpaper and start softly rubbing the sensor to get off any dirt or grime. Again, make sure that you rub the sensor softly and without touching the metal rod. Do this thoroughly until most of the dirt is off the sensor.

How to Clean a Flame Sensor – Step 4 >> Install Sensor.

Finally, once you have cleaned your sensor, reinstall it back into the furnace and make sure that the bolt is secured back into its original place. That is how you clean a flame sensor. Once it is back in place, light your furnace and make sure all the burners light and stay on. If they are all functioning properly, turn off the furnace and put the flame cover back in place.

Now that you have cleaned your flame sensor, you can rest assured knowing that you have saved yourself time as well as money. For a single dollar, you have successfully prolonged the life of your sensor! Even though this does seem like a simple process, make sure that you are doing everything with the upmost caution. Furnaces use gasses and flame to heat your air, so do not take this task lightly. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about anything in this article, please do not hesitate to call us today at (602) 920-1600 or contact us via our Contact Page – we are always here to help.

How to clean a flame sensor

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