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Is a leak beneath your slab causing damage to the foundations of your Mesa, AZ home? Call our expert staff at (602) 920-1600 and get professional slab leak repairs today! Or save money on your services using our online coupons and specials.

You receive your water bill consistently each month or quarter, depending on your supplier’s policies. The bill is typically around the same amount each time, especially if you have the same appliances and water use habits over several months or years. However, an extremely high water bill charge is cause for alarm. Unless you have an obvious leak, such as a broken sprinkler head or dripping faucet, the high bill must be caused by another issue, such as a slab leak. Diamondback Home Services can help you pinpoint your problem with our specialized inspection tools. Find out what past customers have to say, and call us to schedule an appointment today!

What Are Slab Leaks?

Although many of your plumbing pipes are in your walls, some pipes also run under your foundation. If a pipe cracks or breaks under the concrete, it leaks into any foundation cracks and the soil below. The leak continues until the pipe is repaired or the water is turned off. You will not see a visible sign of water because it is hidden under your home. These leaks are categorized as slab leaks, and they can significantly damage your home if left unchecked.

How Can Slab Leaks Form?

Water pressure can be too great as it rushes through pipes. Over time, older pipes may simply form tiny holes that slowly erode away into larger cracks. Water moving through the pipes finds its own level, effectively flowing into the surrounding soil.

If your area is prone to freezing, pipes may expand and contract with extreme temperatures. This expanding and contracting stress on the pipes eventually cracks them, allowing water to flow out of the plumbing system. Additionally, the soil itself may heave as well, creating another movement factor that can crack pipes.

How Can Slab Leaks Affect A Home?

Aside from a large water bill, slab leaks affect a home by degrading the foundation. Water under the slab causes the concrete to shift, causing an out-of-level position and possible foundation cracking. You may not see the foundation cracks, but other damage slowly appears in the home. Cracks streaming down walls, and doors that do not close, are common symptoms of slab leaks. Windows may not slide correctly either because the house is no longer level on its foundation. Similarly water damage of this significance can cause a total loss of your home.

Our Professional Services

At Diamondback Home Services we understand that you need to detect, and fix, the slab leak as soon as possible before more damage occurs. Our expert technicians can perform the necessary inspection services to find the root source of the slab leak and provide you with an expert solution. Our technicians always have your best interest in mind and as a result we provide the very best services available. Call our technicians today to ensure that your home is free and safe of slab leaks.

Is a troublesome slab leak keeping you up at night in the Mesa, AZ area? Call our expert technicians at (602) 920-1600 and get professional repair solutions today!

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