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Is a malfunctioning water heater keeping your from taking hot showers in the Mesa, AZ area? Call us at (602) 920-1600 and get expert water heater services today! Or save money on your services using our online coupons and specials.

Diamondback Home Services water heater repair, service, and installation.Offering hot water in a matter of seconds, home water heaters are a luxurious comfort most people have come to expect out of modern plumbing. When the hot water heater is not working, however, people notice immediately, especially if a cold shower is the only option. At Diamondback Home Services we offer our expertise to restore the flow of hot water to your home quickly and efficiently. Whether the water heater is damaged or in need of maintenance, you can trust in our experts for your needs. Don’t just take our word for it. See what your neighbors are saying here!

What Types Of Water Heaters Does Diamondback Home Services Service?

At Diamondback Home Services we work on both gas and electric water heater models, including checks for any gas leaks or worn electrical wiring. Our technicians can also replace corroded anodes within the tank, or replace the tank entirely. Our service calls are thorough, allowing you to make an informed decision about your tank’s needs. Overall, most tanks should last one or two decades with proper care. Once you find yourself with regular water heater issues, it may be time to call our experts.

What Services Are Included With Water Heater Services?

When our technicians arrive at your home, we will remove the gas or electrical attachments, along with shutting off the cold water supply. We connect a drainage hose to your tank, placing the opposite end in the local gutter or sewage drain. As the water drains from the tank, we can see any sediment buildup that has occurred. This sediment is from galvanic reactions within the tank, where metal and water interact, causing corroded sediment to build. Once the tank is drained, we can also inspect the internal anodes to verify that all parts are working normally.

What Issues Plague Water Heaters?

Ironically, water is the largest issue that plagues heaters. Over time, water reacts with the internal parts, causing corrosion. This reaction leads to tank cracks or thinning. Eventually, the tank will break open completely. If this situation does occur, all the tank’s water will flood the surrounding area. Similarly, as water heaters get older they become less efficient, costing you more money in the long run. While a water heater is a necessity in most homes, it can also be a major liability.

How Are Water Heaters Beneficial To Your Home?

Without a hot water heater, your water supply is consistently cold. Showers and baths are uncomfortable. Your dirty dishes cannot soak in hot water to dissolve all the food particles easily. You can always boil water on the stove for any hot water needs, but an automatic water heater is much more convenient for an entire household’s needs. When you have no hot water you will immediately recognize the difficulty it will have on your daily life.

Our Professional Water Heater Services

Along with draining and inspecting the internal anodes, Diamondback Home Services always examines the heating element, along with the gas and electrical supplies. Any worn electrical wires can spark, causing a fire. Leaking gas lines are difficult to pinpoint as well, leading to a possible explosion.

We can perform both installation and repair services to ensure that your home always has flowing hot water. Call our technicians today and get industry leading services in no time!

Is your Mesa, AZ home suffering from water heater issues? Call our experts at (602) 920-1600 and schedule an appointment today!

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